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Ostora had a vision of telling stories so beyond belief they could only be told in flesh and blood, full of color and sound. The fate of the white snake was the beginning of that journey.

Yet any journey worth taking and any story worth telling, is one of change. And with unforeseen circumstances, and with heavy hearts, we were forced to cancel our last two showings and look for a new venue. During the last two months we have been blessed with an outpouring of support, and many people who reached out to us to help us find a new home.

Ostora has found that home in Houston at Koya Restaurant. And on December 15 and December 16, Koya will have a limited showing of The Fate of the White Snake.

After this one time showing, Koya will continue to be the new home of Ostora, however the show will slowly evolve into Koya -x- Menagerie, which will be a collection of oddities and creatures discovered and collected from the world of Ostora.

To attend one of the December showings, click on “Learn More” under Koya -x- Menagerie. 

The Fate of the White Snake

San Antonio (coming soon)

The fate of the White Snake is our full scale production played in clubs and venues around America.

Our next show is in San Antonio, TX and the date will be announced soon.

Koya -x-



Menagerie is a collection of oddities and fantasy creatures put on display for your viewing pleasure. 

Our current location is at the Koya Restaurant, Houston TX.

David Shorey

Great show! Delicious food and drinks! Amazing high flying acts and beautiful costumes! The story was so much fun! I loved it can’t wait to go back!

Cassi Luna

Amazing show! Loved the feeling of being in a magical world for a few hours! Definitely a unique experience to get out of life routine. Amazing performers and entertainment. 🖤

Trina Pagura

What a great show! My husband and I had such a fun night. All the performers were amazing but the star of the show for us was the Siren. Her voice was so beautiful and her songs were eerily gorgeous!

Paula Urdaneta

You must watch this show! Definitely one of the best shows in Houston. It was magical 🙂


A well thought out production full of talented performers including burlesque, magic, aerialist, belly dancing, singing and awesome costumes in a beautiful venue!! Aesthetically pleasing drinks, face painting and tarot reading. Nothing else in Houston like this!

Billy Hart

By far, the most unique and captivating production I’ve experienced.

Cairo N'ftali

A sensational show with great talent. The variety, cirque style experience thoroughly entertained a packed venue opening night!


Ostora is a production company based in Houston, Tx that tours and performs at various clubs and venues in America. For all show and ticket related questions and concerns please reach out to Ostora directly not the venue: [email protected]

For more information about booking us at your venue or private event reach out to: [email protected]

Press: [email protected]

Performers: [email protected]

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